Remote Install Services

Instructor-led, web-based services to get up and running quickly


Dorado Software offers remote support services to ensure that your system is successfully installed and to teach users how to implement and configure the essential components of the product. Services are based on your deployment size:

  • Single Server Deployment - <500 devices
  • Distributed Deployment - >500 devices


Users who install and maintain Cruz to configure, control, and manage their networks.


Should be familiar with:  

  • Installing and configuring applications on either VM appliance, Linux, or Windows  
  • Networking concepts, terminology, standards, and network components 

Standard Core Service – Prerequisite

Essential to successfully get your system up and running and how to use the basic functionality of Cruz:


  • Authentication & Discovery – Manage and report on device inventory
  • Health/performance monitoring – Alarms & Events, Active Performance Monitors
  • File Servers & Backup and Restore
  • Network file configuration
  • Software/OS management
  • Direct Access
  • Report Templates & Reports


Advanced Topics – Additional Service Hours

Most customers want to learn about the advanced features of Cruz. We recommend purchasing additional service hours for these topics:


  • Traffic Flow Analyzer
  • Resources & Managed Resource Groups
  • Change Management & ProScan - Creating compliance policies and verifying configurations against them
  • Group Operations – one-to-many automation features
  • Configuring Users and Multi-tenancy
  • Display Strategies / Visualization
  • Adaptive CLI Training - Writing Adaptive CLI commands


Custom Training Courses

We also work with our customers to design courses that are unique to their solution and network environment.