Automate & Manage Software Releases Across Remote/Branch Offices

Maintaining software releases across remote sites is complicated, costly, and error-prone. Cruz Software Lifecycle Orchestrator (SWLO) reduces the complexity with consolidated lifecycle management for bare metal, OS, PNF, VNF, VM, and applications.

Cruz SWLO features three primary components: software release management, deploy virtual functions, and network configuration.

Key Features

  • Deploy BIOS and core operating software to physical and virtual environments; and manage updates as zero-touch processes, manual activities, multi-target deployments, scheduled tasks, and automated upgrades.
  • Manage VNF/NS libraries and deployment records, and Virtual Infrastructure Managers
  • Utilize extensive libraries of proven network device configuration processes, compliance validation, device backup, and recovery routines to manage physical and virtual network functions.
  • Maintain centralized verified library of SW images all software instances of branch/remote sites, ensuring configuration consistency.
  • Create target groups for bulk resource updates.
  • Automate remote software upgrades.
  • Confirm site current version and configuration.
  • Site update resource prep and restoration processes.
  • Automate rollback processes.
  • Verify, backup, and restore software configurations.
  • Centralized control of an individual, batched, and scheduled branch software updates through automated processes to eliminate technical intervention at the remote site.
  • Automate the defined process for each location’s SW installation and present as one-touch upgrades.


Cruz Software Lifecycle Orchestrator, like all Cruz products, is seamlessly integrated with Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC) for a robust converged infrastructure management solution to configure, monitor, and manage all your devices and from a single system. The integration offers Day 2 management and centralized management for data center and network operations for multiple vendors and technologies.

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